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What Tresume is?

Are you a professional looking to secure a reliable job? With Tresume, you don’t have to do the head-scratching job hunting and go through mind-numbing experience of getting recruited.

Most Comprehensive Recruiter Experience

We provide recruiters with a robust recruiting platform that functions as a job board as well as an applicant Tracking System.

We added powerful tools which takes the ATS to another level.


Tresume Application Tracking System

AI Softwares

Helps you identify the right candidates based on behavioural assessments with an AI - Powered Recruiting Software.

Lower Downtime

Effective Talent Pipeline offers you the ablity to source candidates with skill expertise required.

Recruit On The Go

Plan, Manage and Schedule interviews and appointments with candidates on the mobile .


Features we offer

  • Post to multiple job boards

  • Source and receive applicants across platforms

  • Analysis based candidate matching

  • Hiring Process Management tools

  • Recruiting Tham Performance Tmcking


Why choose our ATS

  • Better and Streamlined Hiring Process

  • Reduce Time to Hire by AI Automation

  • Utilize Talent Sourcing across platforms

  • Organized Tracking and Reports

  • Easy Communication with candidates

Why Tresume?


Do you wish to get recruited for the long run and with ease? Tresume is on a mission to simplify the “getting-recruited” process for job seekers.


Tired of headhunting candidates that have the brains to help you accomplish your goals? At Tresume, we do not just help you recruit.

What are we trying to do?

Tresume is not just another “me too” recruitment company with half-baked recruitment solutions. We don’t cut corners and leave the hiring process in a limbo – with neither the job seekers nor the employers know the status of each other.

Here's what we aim to do for the candidates as well as recruiters:


Get Feedback from the Recruiters

Introductory Videos


Sophisticated Search Filters

Post Your Job Like Never Before

How It Works?


Step 1 – Sign Up

Sign up with Tresume in just a few steps and become a member.

Step 2 – Filling Up Your Profile

Complete your mission-critical details of your profile, in just few minutes.

Step 3 – Get Offers

Relax as you get shortlisted from some of the top companies.

Step 4 – Give Interviews & Get Selected

Give the interview, do your best and get selected. Simple!


Step 1 – Post Your Job

Submit your job vacancy in simplest and fastest way possible.

Step 2 – Get Topnotch Applications

Receive loads of job applications from relevant, skillful candidates.

Step 3 – Screen and Shortlist the Profiles

Screen and shortlist profiles in just a few minutes with unique profile design.

Step 4 – Hire them

Conduct the interview, hire the best of talent in the industry.

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